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Migrating apps from Android to HTML5 with GWT

Alberto Alonso Ruibal
DevFest-X BCN, November 2012

Who am I?


We have some Android Apps

And we want them in HTML5

HTML5 is a great platform... for Desktops:

But we have lots of Java code

GWT is a magic toolbox that compiles Java to Javascript, and also: And GWT is mature


GWT maps directly the JS features
* Javascript Native Interface:
public native void alert(String message) /*-{
		// Here goes the Javascript Code

Where are my APIs?

But GWT lacks a LOT of standard Java APIs: JRE Emulation isn't complete
JRE emulation doc

Development Tools

  • Eclipse Plugin: ADT
  • Android SDK
  • Google Plugin for Eclipse
  • Google Web Toolkit SDK
  • GWT Designer, Speed Tracer
With our favourite features: Code assist, debugger, refactor...

App Structure

  • Extends class Activity
  • Methods: onCreate(), onResume(), onPause(), OnDestroy()
  • Intents for navigation
  • Extends class EntryPoint
  • Method: onModuleLoad()
  • Navigation replacing root panel content

App Manifest

  • Defines activities, permissions, intents...
  • Defines EntryPoint and the source loc.
  • Also defines inherits (other modules)
<module rename-to="chess">
  <inherits name=""/>
  <inherits name=""/>
  <inherits name="com.mobialia.gwt.androidemu" />

  <entry-point class="com.mobialia.chess.Chess"/>
  <source path="chess"/>


  • Resources selector with modifiers
  • Languages, DPIs, screen size
  • Maps automagically all the resources to the R class
  • ClientBundle for images, css, etc.
  • Constants for strings and i18n
  • You need to create classes manually with one method for each String/Image...


  • Standard Java Threads
  • Also AsyncTasks
  • You cannot modify the interface outside the main thread
Web Workers
  • Separated GWT module
  • Messaging
  • You can access the DOM only from the main Javascript Thread


Handlers and Messages
  • Handler.sendMessage()
  • Works across threads
Only in the same Javascript thread
  • Timer, timer.schedule()
  • Scheduler:
Scheduler.get().scheduleDeferred(new ScheduledCommand() {
  public void execute() {


Full Sockets Implementation
  • TCP, UDP
HTTP or Websockets
  • No RAW sockets
  • The server needs to "speak" websockets
  • Some (applet|flash)-based raw socket solutions

Local Storage

  • Stores key-value pairs of primitive data types
Web Storage API
  • LocalStorage and SessionStorage
  • Stores Strings
  • 5 MB Limit in Chrome
  • Needs a subdomain per app
Storage storage = Storage.getLocalStorageIfSupported();
storage.setItem("key", "value");

3D Graphics

  • Versions 1.1 and 2.0
  • SurfaceView
  • Based in OpenGL ES 2.0 (Shaders...)
  • Canvas extension
  • Good performance
  • Library w/ webgl bindings: gwtgl


  • GroupViews, Views
  • Defined in layout XML files
  • Panels, Widgets
  • Mapped into HTML + CSS
  • You can also define the layout in XML with the GWT Designer
So, interfaces are very different :(

We mapped automatically

Some things were very easy to convert:
  • Toasts / Alerts -> to panels
  • Menu and MenuItems -> to on-screen buttons
  • Preferences Screen -> to a popup Dialog*
* Adding elements manually

Touch Events

Touch Management
  • OnTouchListener, view.setOnTouchListener(...)
  • Also some differences between Android versions
Different Mouse and Touch handlers:
  • MouseDownHandler, MouseUpHandler, MouseMoveHandler, MouseOutHandler
  • TouchStartHandler, TouchMoveHandler, TouchEndHandler, TouchCancelHandler

Typical Problems

  • Emulator is slow...
  • but developing with a real device is fast
  • Many devices / Android versions to test
  • Compilation is slow
  • Compilation requires lots of memory
  • And development mode is very slow
  • Many browsers to test...

But Javascript is fast

GWT-Genetared JS is only a 20% slower than Desktop JRE:
Java (Desktop JRE) 213.681 NPS*
Js in Chrome 170.951
C# (Mono) 156.891
* Nodes per second calculated with my Carballo Chess Engine:

Our Emulation Library

A very simple library emulating some Android APIs over GWT:
  • Activities
  • Menu and MenuItems
  • AlertDialogs & Toasts
  • SharedPreferences
  • Handlers and Messages
  • Log, FloatMath, SystemClock...

Muti-Platform libraries

Focused on games, develop against the library API Targets: Desktop JRE, Android, GWT, Flash (embedding Js), iOS (via MonoTouch)...


Google Play
  • 25 USD
  • Mobiles, Tablets
  • Millions of devices
Chrome Web Store
  • 5 USD
  • Chromebooks, Desktops (Win, Linux, Mac)
  • Subdomain per app

Packaging apps

APK file
  • You sign the APK and manage certs
Zip File
  • The web store signs the zip
  • Icon & manifest.json:
  "manifest_version": 2,
  "name": "Mobialia Chess 3D",
  "description": "World-Class 3D Chess Game",
  "version": "1.1",
  "app": { "launch": { "web_url": ""  }},
  "icons": { "128": "icon_128.png"  }


  • Purchases & in-app Purchases
  • Admob
  • Great app visibility in Google Play
  • Purchases & in-app Purchases, but only for Chrome
  • Adsense
  • Discovery is difficult


Our WebGL, Android->GWT games:



Alberto Alonso Ruibal